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Wdoouh For Educational Serving

It is to always look toward everything that serves science and his students, through our partners around the world, we are committed to continuing to provide optimal support services and information to make study abroad distinctive and satisfying experience to the needs and objectives of all students


Leadership in Wdoouh for Educational Services

It is that our services are Nmadj Ihtdy them. Not only Hedda, but we aspire to be the first choice in the provision of educational services and counseling for those wishing to Arab students to study abroad, in order to graduate qualified students are able to apply the educational experience in a positive and distinctive serving their communities


Because the needs of those who want to study abroad are as diverse goals have laughed our best to provide the most appropriate for each need, so it provides clarity Business Educational Services selected network of summer camps, language schools and universities of the world rankings approved by the competent authorities such as the Ministry of Higher Education and to ensure the safety of our students and their enjoyment during their studies abroad, taking into account the religious and social values


What distinguishes Wdoouh For Educational Serving

  • certified office by King Salman bin Abdulaziz University
  • office specializing in educational services
  • Created the work of a group of Alosatdh university part-time team who first their mission is to facilitate the journey of students to learn outside the home and provide advice and academic counseling and other wholeheartedly
  • The relationship, which consists of student work, and a strong and distinctive relationship with the team, helping to provide a better service to the students usually continue until the student during the period of the study, to be a relationship of friendship and cooperation.
  • Created the work of a group of specialists and a team who are working day of the week to follow up and complete the students’ interests in a professional and fast
  • has a large network of partners around the world. And their relationship strong and special relationship, which helps to provide a better service for students
  • provide emergency number for students to help them if needed while traveling
  • full credibility in dealing with the student
  • provide a “follow-up demand” service which displays the student registration process path is updated


Standard choose universities with Wdoouh for Educational Serving

We in collaboration with educational institutions, universities and schools world-reliance and local licenses and membership in associations concerned in addition to the Ministry of Higher Education and the Saudi recognition, since the recognition criteria has a very high


Consultancy followed our system

We provide professional educational consulting and academic reliable service to help students to choose the optimal University and a course of study, which is consistent with the scientific goals by specialists in this area, which helps students to choose the most appropriate for them scientific way and Dalk by phone or book an appointment at the office


Wdoouh Knowledge for Social Responsibility Program

Being part of the community, we are keen on clarity Business Educational Services to organize community service each year programs such as grants to study abroad and organizing programs and visits to schools and universities to educate them for study abroad and participate in charities and weeks of open universities Arabia Software


Wdoouh for Educational Serving Emergency Phone

Ensure the safety of our students during their travels and their study is to provide you with a phone number before you travel EDUCON emergency, which operates around the clock in Arabic to communicate directly administrator on duty and registration, which will provide the necessary support for the emergency condition


Wdoouh for Educational Services programs

Wdoouh for Educational Serving offer 4 program of study abroad and at home:

  • Summer Camps (7 & ndash; 17 years old)
  • Languages Programs (16+ years old)
  • Academic Programs (17+ years old (
  • Short Courses


Service fees to complete the admission procedures in universities

We are offered many free services, whether through our office or visit our website, such as consulting and instruction requests embassies and information on cities that student wishes to study them. The activity of the clarity of the business of educational services is based on providing the service, as well as bring the introduction of the universities and language schools registration service, service charge are usually inclusive of all costs, such as registration fees at the university and missionaries mailing.

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