Undersecretary of education depends assess the education departments of the first period of the sabbatical program

His Excellency the Vice Education, Ministry of Education, Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Mohammed Al Barak adopted the evaluation of educational departments for the first period of Jazata program having the technical, operational and informational aspects of the programs and educational activities that have been implemented during the last period, and were the top three positions of the share of education Riyadh First, teach grandfather Secondly, education city Medina Third, and in the awareness and media side got education Riyadh on the first place and solving teach his grandfather in second place, and the education of Tabuk third, and took into account the evaluation set of technical standards which included the extent of the application of the general plan and time frame, and the validity of the programs and data in the program-mail monitoring, and the extent of the actual implementation of the program and the thrill of the programs implemented and not repeated, in addition to the weekly rate for the frequency of male and female students.

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