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New Zealand is the country in the south-west Pacific islands consists of North Island and South Island as well as a number of small islands, most notably Stewart / Racura Island and the Chatham Islands. The original name of the Maori language of New Zealand is Aotearoa, which means the land of the long white cloud. Also it includes New Zealand and the Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau. New Zealand stands out as the geographic Baazeltha located about 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles) to the south-east of Australia Altasmana across the sea, and they are the closest neighbors to the north of New Caledonia, Fiji and Tonga. During the long isolation it has evolved in New Zealand distinctive animals dominated by birds, which many of them became extinct after the arrival of humans and mammals that they entered.
New Zealand’s first European settlers divided into provinces. These provinces were canceled in 1876 in favor of the central government for financial reasons. As a result, New Zealand does not have entities such as sub-national states or provinces or regions. But the spirit of the provinces are still alive and there is intense competition stand out in sports and cultural activities. In 1989 the government returned the overall organization of the local government, implementing the current two-tier structure of regional councils and local authorities, which was formed under the Local Government Act 2002. New Zealand has 12 regional councils for the management of regional transport and 73 of the local authorities, which manages roads, sanitation and Building Permits and other local issues and environmental issues. Regional authorities are 16 municipal councils and 57 provincial councils and the Council of the Chatham Islands.
The majority of New Zealand’s population of European origin, while the indigenous Maori are the largest minority. Constitute Asians and non-Maori Polynesians are also significant minority groups, especially in urban areas. New Zealand is from developed countries are classified as high in the international classifications in many subjects including education, economic freedom and lack of corruption. As cities are also classified consistently among the most livable in the world. English was the only official language in New Zealand until 1987, and is still prevalent in most parts of New Zealand. Maori became an official language and according to the law in 1987 for the Maori language. There is also the New Zealand noted the special language of the deaf, according to a special law in this language was released in 2006. These two languages ​​are the two most common and were used in New Zealand, where English-speaking 98% of the population, while the Maori language spoken by 4.1 percent of the population. There are languages ​​other than the official language of Samoa, such as an official language is the most widely used (2.3%), followed by French and Hindi Weiwei and the language of northern China.
Characterized New Zealand’s high level of satisfaction with life, according to international surveys of studies and this despite a decline in GDP levels for many other economic cooperation and development (OECD) countries. It occupies the country ranked 20 on the 2009 Human Development Index and 15th in The Economist Global Quality of Life Index for 2005. Won the country’s first in terms of social capital and tenth in the general prosperity of the prosperity of the Legatum Institute 2009 index. In addition, the statistical quality of life of the Institute for Mercer in 2009 ranked fourth, Auckland and Wellington ranked twelfth in the world. New Zealand’s tax burden lighter than it is in other economic cooperation and development (OECD) countries.


Seasons in New Zealand

  • Spring – September, October, November
  • Summer – December, January, February
  • Autumn – March, April, May
  • Winter – June, July, August


Education in New Zealand

Similar to the New Zealand education system with his counterpart in Australia and Britain. Education is free for those between the ages of 5 and 19 years old, but it is mandatory for those between the ages 6 and 17 years and children enrolled in primary school in the fifth year of age. There are primary schools and secondary government supported by the state and run by elected boards of education of the parents and the students there are also elementary and secondary schools and private but receives some support from the government and are subject to the laws of the Ministry of Education and the New Zealand education.
There are also many remote schools and higher institutes and centers for adult education and continuing education opportunities that provide a lifetime. The school year begins in February and ends in November or December and be the school holidays between December and the end of January each year.
There are eight universities in New Zealand and is Oakland University (The University of Auckland) and Otago University (University of Otago) and the University of Canterbury (University of Canterbury) and the University of Victoria (Victoria University of Wellington) and Massey University (Massey University) and Waikato University (the University of Waikato) and Oakland University of technology (Auckland University of technology) and the University of Lincoln (Lincoln University).
New Zealand universities have the scientific reputation of prestige in the world and provide study programs from undergraduate level to the doctorate also provide English language and preparatory studies programs. In addition to universities, there is a set of technical and technological institutes, some of which is a government and some of which is special. These institutes offer programs of study and training equivalent to the programs offered at universities in New Zealand. The tuition and they vary from one university to another and from the Institute to another according to the terms of reference and in relative terms as classified by the University and the academic level.
The academic year runs from February to November each year and the first semester of the end of February or beginning of March, extends to the end of June and the second semester of the beginning of July to the end of November. But as the summer semester starts from the beginning of January and ends at the end of February.

Secondary in general secondary education is no different in its implications for the Scottish style; but at the start of the school year only dates. Sunnis tuition New Zealand starts in February each year and ends in November; and in some cases there are some disciplines a student can start in June. The vacation shall be between November and the end of January each year.After that phase ends compulsory and which are up to the age of seventeen student life; ie after the end Six Form student has two options is that the first introductory year of the University or engage in programs qualifies for technological certification. Such certificates granted by the technical institutes, known as PAL Polytechnics technological, educational, and colleges and some private institutions concerned with training.

Higher education before starting university education Zealand we have to emphasize the important point; the possibility of a student in the English language and how to absorb the subjects if he is not familiar with the language. As it is well known there is a basis in the language for the purpose of obtaining admission to the university and it seems that the language requirement in New Zealand universities are not very different from what is happening in the British, Australian and Irish universities and others.
ولكن يبدو ان الجامعات النيوزلندية اكثر صرامة في موضوع اللغة من غيرها وللحيلولة دون وضع الطالب في إشكال معين نود ان نبين ان احد شروط دخول السنة التمهيدية الجامعية لا يمكن ان تتم الا اذا كان الطالب قد حصل على الاقل 5 درجات في كل جزء من مكونات امتحان ال IELTS؛ اي ان يكون الطالب قد حصل على 5 درجات في القراءة والكتابة والاستماع والتحدث؛ أو 500 في امتحان الـ TOFEL.
وبالاضافة إلى ذلك يمكن لمن حصل على درجة C أو فما فوق في امتحان اللغة الانكليزية في GCSE أو O level ان ينخرط في برنامج السنة التمهيدية. Also has the right to those who completed the English language at the University of Cambridge called the certification exam for Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) that offers introductory year. If a student in the introductory year succeeded must be level in English has improved what is required of the conditions to enter the jurisdiction to be the completion of the study.
Certificate which is awarded after completion of secondary education can be identified from the university and Baltquyemih Theleta diploma and then bachelor’s graduate studies. All these certificates granted by New Zealand universities and some of the initial certification granted by some technical colleges. It takes a period of study for a bachelor’s in New Zealand universities three years for the terms of reference of the humanities and basic sciences and agriculture; note that some jurisdictions require a fourth year for a bachelor’s degree with honors; and others need only three years, according to the university where the student studies Systems.
The engineering and legal jurisdictions, pharmacy, medical labs, ophthalmology still takes four years. While the study does it take to get a bachelor’s degree in architecture, dentistry five years. The Human Medicine Vistgrq six years for a bachelor’s. Perhaps it is worthwhile here to show


Admission to universities in New Zealand conditions

Conditions of admission to universities in New Zealand for a bachelor, which can be summarized as follows

  • The applicant is required to be proficient in English; and the performance of the exam to determine his competence and he must have acquired the 6-6.5 in IELTS; or 500-550 in TOFEL. However, if the applicant does not have that ability in the English language; the university by scoring in their own language and who knows Pal Mainstream before starting the academic chorus.
  • High School certificate
  • What proves him a mission for the students of missions; and a bank guarantee for students at their own expense
  • The student-run foundation year ending university student submitted to it
  • Fill in the application for registration at the university you want to study the form; to be submitted with the required papers and set out above September 1 of each academic year before.

These conditions listed above can Institute language in which the student is taught to help him to get a place in one of New Zealand universities in accordance with the jurisdiction of his choice. In the table below, we find general competence and the period of study for a bachelor’s and English language requirement for the IELTS or equivalent.


Graduate Studies

It can graduate division in New Zealand universities into several sections and can be summarized as follows

  • University Diploma Graduate Diploma: The duration of this course of one year and requires the student to have a certain experience as much as she must have earned a bachelor’s in addition to the conditions that we will come out
  • Graduate Diploma Postgraduate Diploma: The duration of the study in which a full one year and must be advanced for this course should be familiar with jurisdiction who intends to study has been completed Aabakalorios in this aspect also
  • Master Master’s Degree: to get this certificate after bachelor duration of two years; in some jurisdictions of one year if the applicant has obtained a bachelor and one of the certificates mentioned in paragraphs (1.2) above; or that he received a bachelor’s degree with honors which takes study them four years in some jurisdictions
  • Master philosophical M.Phil: a Masters by research and is similar in its performance doctoral certificate requires that the student has earned a bachelor’s with honors and older to engage in this program; and can get this certificate after Master mentioned in paragraph 3 by one year only
  • PhD Doctorate: It is no different from the style of doctoral granted a certificate in Britain; and requires that the applicant have completed a master successfully. It takes a period of research in this certificate at least two years


After viewing the advanced degrees awarded by universities in New Zealand must be Narj on the terms of the presentation:

  • Fill in the application form for the University of New Zealand postgraduate
  • The applicant is required to be conversant in English; and the performance of IELTS exam to determine his competence and he must have acquired the 6-6.5 in IELTS; or 500-550 in TOFEL
  • Certifications obtained subtitled in English with the transcript
  • What proves him a mission for the students of missions; and a bank guarantee for students at their own expense
  • CV and a certificate of training and courses, if any
  • Mails recommending requires one to be in the Academy
  • At least 500 words show the research project, which intends to student achievement in any graduate degree


The New Zealand universities are regarded as the University of Auckland in New Zealand of the largest universities and Aargaha; if it was formally established in the third of the month of May in 1883; as part of the New Zealand University branched including universities listed below before cancellation. Today, this university, with approximately 26 000 schools in various basic humanitarian and medical and other scientific disciplines. Compared to other global universities in New Zealand universities comparable Kipriadtha; for example, considers the University of Auckland and the University of Kannbara Ootko and universities that match the scales academic British universities, which lies in the scale of 5-12 of the best British universities


New Zealand universities

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Limited number of universities in the eight New Zealand universities all scientific degrees and six institutes of grades awarded to students graduating under the grant, and prevail British education pattern on education policy in New Zealand


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