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Constitute Ireland (Baloarlndeh: Éire) bulk (five sixths) of the island of Ireland. The island is located in the north-east Atlantic Ocean, adjacent to the island of Britain. Britain is separated from both: the North Sea, Irish Sea, Canal St. George and the Celtic Sea. Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom, the small island of the other part. Known in the Gaelic language, “Air.” Also known as the “Emerald Isle” for the beauty of the green countryside.
Multiply the plains in the center of the country, which is surrounded by hills as we head on the sea and punctuated by a large number of lakes. Shannon River, which runs through the country from north to south, is the longest river in the country, and the Lake Logue Ning (Lough Neagh) is the largest lakes. There are many nature reserves in Ireland. Ireland is situated in the northwestern part of the European continent, the North Atlantic Ocean, separated by the Irish Sea between Britain
To date Ireland attributes several. First, it is affected by the geographical location for the European continent, Secondly they relate to England, which tried to control it and resist its people to it, and third is destructive wars in Ireland, Fourthly religious and political persecution in which, the most recent economic crises experienced by and made a lot of people are migrating to other countries. Ireland suffered for several migrations in the period BC The first was in 6000 BC.M when she went into some of Scotland Astotnoha. Then another migrations to other folks in 3000 BC.M, as well as 2000 BC.M and the year 400 BC.M. Each of those immigrants have left their mark on the history of ancient Ireland. Christianity began in the country in the sixth century by St. Patrick in the middle of the tenth century after the Alnormaon to take over most of the territory of the island.


Education in Ireland

The educational system in Ireland is similar to other European systems. There are primary education, secondary and higher education. The most important the country’s universities are Trinity College, Dublin City University, Dublin Institute of Technology, National University of Ireland, University of Dublin and University of Limerick, Cork University, Galway University, Technical College in the city trillion (ITT) and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), and the latter has extended branches across the ocean Benninj in Bahrain and Malaysia.
This supports the Republic of Ireland’s economy partly on education, where many of the institutes, colleges and universities in various cities and offering courses to teach English to foreign language tool business, accounting, hospitality, nursing and so on, depending admission to various disciplines other than English to pass the test IELTS primarily determined by each spread point of learning.


Admission requirements

The introduction of the Irish universities in order to study at a university initial terms of reference by the introduction of the Central Office of the Central Applications Office. As for British universities to accept the terms of the Irish Vlgamat conditions that do not vary in general, what we have said in advance of the conditions of admission in British universities, which can be summarized as follows

  • The applicant must have a high school diploma or equivalent; and have passed a British education certificates that prepare students to engage in the academic program; preparations as the year and witness the Scottish and others.
  • If a British education certificates are not available to the applicant to be a holder of a certificate of public education and the Irish called The Leaving Certificate Examination
  • Prove that ability to speak and write in English and Alqroh; by offering the benefit traversed in one language exams recognized in British universities; both IELTS and TOFEL


As for the conditions of admission to Irish universities for graduate studies do not differ from the requirements for admission in British universities in all respects; there is no need to repeat it here. The student return to the United Kingdom section of this guide in order to be guided by them. But in general, it must be highly efficient in English and accompanied by what benefit completed initial university study of English and translated the biography of work and mails recommending one Academy.
As a doctoral student and wants to study by research to prepare a brief text about the research study wants to no more than 500 words and not less than 300 words. Regarding the students studying at their own expense, they should create a bank guarantee shows the sponsor’s ability to pay tuition and living fees.


Visa to Ireland

How do I apply for a student visa before arriving in Ireland?

This site has since the beginning of 2008, it has become possible to apply for a visa from one of the countries that accept the requests of them, and so over the Internet at the address also mail a comprehensive guide to complete the entry in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Turkish or visa application Urdu. The list of countries whose applications are accepted them still grow, but until November 2008 date include


Irish universities

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