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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, also known as the United Kingdom or Britain is a sovereign located off the northwest coast of the continent of Europe state. The United Kingdom consists of Great Britain Archipelago and the northern part of the island of Ireland and many small islands.Northern Ireland is the only part of the land border with the kingdom, which separates it from the Republic of Ireland. Otherwise, the United Kingdom challenge the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea and the English Channel and the Irish Sea is called. English Channel linking Britain, France, Great Sea tunnel.
United Kingdom constitutional monarchy, is the federal state under the decision 1800 is made up of four countries: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.Governed by a parliamentary system of government it is based in London, but there are local governments in each of Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh and is the capitals of Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland with internal autonomy. Both the Bailiwick of Jersey and the Isle of Guernsey and the Isle of Man and other islands belonging to the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, which means they are linked constitutionally Kingdom but not part of it.It is subject to the United Kingdom’s fourteen provinces called the British Overseas Territories which is not constitutionally part of the United Kingdom and has a self-rule and the conduct of its own affairs but the defense affairs due the United Kingdom. This land remnants of the British Empire, which was at its peak in 1922 and included nearly a quarter of the land area in the world, and the largest empire in history. Still noted British influence in language, culture and legal systems in many of its former colonies.
United Kingdom from developed countries, its economy sixth globally in terms of GDP and sixth in terms of purchasing power parity. It was also the first countries in the world shift industrial area and was considered the greatest superpower in the world during the nineteenth century and early twentieth century. But with the economic and social cost of two world wars Empire fell in the latter half of the twentieth century, which led to the contraction of its leadership role in world affairs. The United Kingdom is still with that of an economic, cultural and military influence and a strong scientific and political superpower. It is also nuclear powers and has the third or fourth highest military spending in the world according to the method of calculating expenses. UK state member of the EU it is also a permanent member of the Security Council, as well as a member of the Commonwealth and a member of the Group of Eight and the Group of Twenty and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and a member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the World Trade Organization.
The UK has a constitution is written, as is the case in the only other two countries. Constitution of the United Kingdom thus consists of a collection of disparate written sources, including the statute, opinions of judges in the case law, and international treaties. Since there is no practical difference between the statute and the “constitutional law”, can the Parliament of the United Kingdom that the “constitutional reform” simply by passing Acts of Parliament, and therefore almost has the ability to change or cancel any written element or non-written constitution. However, no Parliament can pass laws can not be changed for future parliaments.


The education system in Britain

Secondary education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland summarized the study in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in the following points

  • Seventh school year even atheist ten (year 8-12 in Northern Ireland) for students aged between 12 and 16 years
  • Some high schools offer sixth stage is mandatory, which is about grades 12 and 13
  • After the completion of two years, 10 and 11 successfully, given GCSEs (GCSE), usually in between 5 and 10 different topics

Secondary Education in Scotland summed up the study in Scotland following points

  • For the study of junior high: From the first year until the fourth year, usually for students from the age of 12/13 until 15/16.
  • Success granted a certificate Scots after the completion of the standard rows successfully, in the third and fourth secondary years, usually in seven to nine subjects.
  • For her secondary education: grades available Althanuyan fifth and sixth, from the age of 16/17 and 17/18.

Education for those over the age of 16 years in Britain (A-Level)

  • Certification is considered the (A-Level) is most common in education for those over the age of 16 years. And used as a form of preparation for entry to university.
  • You can study the certificate (A-Level) in high school or college in the sixth stage, or any other educational college

The final certificate of secondary in Scotland

  • Usually, students get the final secondary school certificate, a certificate granted by the Scottish Scottish Certificate Manager post-secondary fourth grade.
  • It is the final secondary school certificate eligible to enter university and grant a wide range of topics. In spite of that, students can go to university at the end of the fifth year of secondary, but most of them prefer to complete the sixth grade to study more topics final high school or live up to the advanced secondary final stage.

Higher Education in Britain (bachelor ‘s degree in England, Wales and Northern Ireland) leads students to British universities through the acceptance of service to universities and colleges Alioukas the (UCAS) , a central government agency based applications each university format. Students can put five options on demand who they present. Where a wide range of academic disciplines and which provides students with the skills needed for many of the professional jobs in the future or to complete graduate studies in those same disciplines available.

  • Bachelor’s degree is a program of three years at a university or higher education colleges
  • The university students estimate the expected signs of the level of the (A-Level) or equivalent, along with other criteria during the process to apply for university
  • Students can choose specialization as part of the university application submission

Types of certificates

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA).
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Some certification programs for four years and be included in “preemptive” and called PAL (Sandwich Year). Where students are employed after the second year in a company or institution students to gain experience relevant to the subject of study and process it for only one year.

Bachelor ‘s degree in Scotland , a wide range of disciplines in Scottish universities, which focuses on a variety of topics available. Students do not usually specialize in a particular subject until the third year

  • Bachelor’s degree in Scotland is a university-based program of 4 years
  • During the application process at the university, the university assesses students in their final GCSE results, along with other standards
  • Normally accorded universities Scottish Master of Arts degree which is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree
  • Awarded an honorary certificate after the completion of an additional year of research at the university


Graduate studies in Britain

Master ‘s degree master ‘s degree may depend in Britain on research (By Research), or be a course (Courses OR Taught) or a combination of the two, which is preparing students for the era of a particular process or to a doctorate and is available in multiple domains, and can this stage of study to summarize the points next:

  • Require students get a college degree
  • Is a program of 12 months

It includes educational master’s degrees

  • Master of Arts (MA)
  • Master of Science (MSc)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)

It includes master’s degrees based on research

  • Master of Research (MRes)
  • Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

Doctorate require doctoral programs

  • Students provide their own search
  • Usually require a bachelor’s degree or Master
  • The minimum is 3 years at university


International students or foreigners

In order to study in the UK, international students whose English is not considered their mother tongue, to provide proof of their eligibility in English. Most universities prefer Britain’s success in the certification test Alaaltz (IELTS). As the required rate in a test Alaaltz is 5.5 and above undergraduate bachelor’s degree and 6.5 and above for university study for a master’s degree or doctorate. As well as demonstrate the ability in English, the international students also verified that the academic qualifications or scientific consistent with the conditions of entry.
For a Masters degree, you may have to international students study a preparatory program for a master’s degree program called Albraimastr (Pre-Master) if their skills were not in the English language and academic qualifications (or average percentage) are compatible with the conditions of entry master’s degree program.


University study


First: the admission requirements is required to be an advanced student for undergraduate study and holder of one of the following qualifications:

  • Advanced Level certificate A- Level and each university determine acceptance rates for each discipline of scientific disciplines offered separately and that the progressive rates system from A to E
  • Foundation Year System Foundation Year and so Alhasiln students qualifications other than the Advanced Level (A-Level) such as GCSEs valuable Arab countries … And the student must study three or four subjects including English during the school year and overcome. Students applying to study medicine, dentistry, they personal Ajtyazalmkablh held by universities for them during the foundation year. In addition to passing the CAT exam to be introduced from the next academic year.
  • International Baccalaureate International Baccalaureate Diploma Certificate put universities for holders of this type of certification varying conditions depending on the type of specialization, who leads the student to join him
  • For universities, Ireland, newly obtained a high school diploma Irish Irish Leaving Certificate and obtained by the student after the school year in one of the institutes and the Irish exam in six subjects including English. And determine the level of university degrees to be achieved annually and points as it is necessary that the student pass a personal interview held by universities
  • For most of the programs between the three university study takes four years for a bachelor’s degree with honors

Second , acceptance of the offer of the British Universities system , there are two ways

  • Through the Office of Admission Services to universities and colleges Universities and Colleges Admissions Services (UCAS), a method followed by most universities. The applicant will fill in a form and acceptance of the (UCAS) and sent before October 15 for specialty medicine and dentistry. For more details refer to the URL-mail www.ucas.com
  • On the road to progress directly to the universities want to enroll after passing the foundation year


Graduate Studies

First: the admission requirements

  • In addition to the first degree Most universities require to obtain the 6.5 rate, and sometimes 7 degrees in the IELTS test or its equivalent in standard English and other tests
  • Add some universities special conditions for the acceptance of certain scientific disciplines Kajtaaz some standard specialized tests or conduct personal interviews

Second: Admission System

  • The submission of applications directly to the departments of higher education in universities concerned. Here we emphasize the need for access to the best universities in the area of ​​specialization Matatmayor according to the Ministry of Higher Education
  • The academic year begins and registration to study in September or October of each year in addition to the admission in January and acceptance in April in some universities and some disciplines
  • The majority of universities are working academic year system, which consists of three semesters by three months per semester. Chapter One (September to December) the second quarter (January-March) and third quarter (April-June).Some universities follow the chapters system such as the University of Sheffield
  • Some scientific disciplines of human medicine, dentistry own academic system
  • It is very important to get out the student or the student on the terms of retrieval of the amounts paid to educational institutions in the event of not being able to join. It is always best not to pay the full amount, but only to pay a specified amount to secure his chance



After the student is admitted issued him with a letter of final acceptance of the university for the purpose of obtaining a visa. Under this speech gives the student and his family (if accompanied by) a visa for the purpose of study.


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