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IELTS test

The IELTS test of English (IELTS), name abbreviation of International English Language Testing System, translated “International English Language Testing System.” It is considered one of the most examinations of appropriation in the world, especially in Britain and Australia to examine the ability of the person and being able to English

The date and the spread of the exam in 1989 , the IELTS exam proved to be a tool able to know the capabilities of the person and being able to English. Exam depends in most universities, government departments and institutes in Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa. Also a large number of universities and educational institutions in the United States depends IELTS. Worldwide more than 3800 University government department and the center of the world depends on the IELTS in more than 120 countries and apply for the exam more than half a million people annually.

Test takers usually apply for the exam

  • Wishing to basic and higher education, especially in the British and Australian universities and centers and a lot of centers that rely IELTS exam Kamthan efficiency of the English language all over the world
  • Wanting to get an Academy courses or wishing to obtain immigration

Exam components exam is divided into 4 sections, duration 2:45 Saatan and forty – five minutes spread over an extended period between 3-8saat and advanced examiner for these sections sequence on the same day

  • Reading one hour
  • Writing one hour
  • Listening 30 minutes
  • Conversation 15 minutes

Examination of the nine highest corrects any possible sign is 9 of 9 final score is the average of the four exams as each exam corrects 9 is given as a result of a final exam in addition to mark each part of the exam

Exam specifics

Reading for reading exam an hour , which includes three different themes each subject consisting of approximately one page. A total of about 2,500 words examinee answers the 40 questions related to the three themes

Writing for the exam writing one hour and consists of two parts, the first part is writing 150 words to be a particular description of the form shown to the examiner (usually drawing a graph or drawing certain ratios to explain a specific process).Aldzoualthani of the exam is a written expression of the subject of 250 words on the subject will be specified in the examination paper

Listening for half an hour listening exam consists of 40 questions.Examiner listens to tape record and make it harder to register with the progress exam time so that increases the length of the conversation and participants.Examiner listens to score once and given time to read the questions and answering.At the end of the exam hearing examiner given time no more than ten minutes to unload his answers from the paper questions the answers to a private paper

Conversation is a figure between the advanced exam examiner interview. Applicants must answer exam questions on the Examiner and gives his views on a particular topic.It is usually the interview record

Progress more than once for the exam

Previously it was required for advanced exam to wait 90 days after submitting the exam in order to apply to him again from 1/5/2006 been canceled this requirement so that the applicant became a possibility of taking the examination at any time he pleases

For IELTS exam

IELTS exam run by the University of Cambridge in collaboration with the British Council in addition to any IDP Education Australia IDP Education Australia owned by 38 Australian university



TOEFL test

TOEFL (TOEFL English or Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a test in English to non-native speakers or who use them as a second language to measure their mastery of them. This exam is required passing of foreign students in more than 2,400 colleges and universities in the United States and elsewhere in the world. The drafting and writing this exam by the US Educational Testing Service (Educational Testing Service) in the state of New Jersey. This test contains 140 questions divided into four parts

  • Listening Comprehension (auditory perception)
  • Structure and Written Expression (linguistic structure and expressions written)
  • Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary (reading and recognizing words)
  • Essay Writing (essay)

Auditory perception in the first section , a Listening Comprehension sense of auditory perception , the student listening to a recorded between two or more people voted in an academic atmosphere for 30 to 40 minutes, often the questions Who said? What kind of speech? The answer to question 50 is divided in three parts

  • Long dialogues (7-8 questions): In this section, the student chooses the correct answers to questions about sequential audible long dialogue between two people
  • Short speech (12-13 questions): Here the student chooses the correct answers to questions about sequential-speech or speech provided by one person

Linguistic structure and expressions written section following a Structure and Written Expression any linguistic structure and expressions , a written exam in the linguistic structure and written expressions of the English language, which is to test the student in the English rules. In this section, the student answers a question in the forty-five and twenty minutes, this section is divided into two sub-turn

  • Linguistic structure (Structure): This section consists of 15 questions, and choose examiner sequel to correct grammatical sentences incomplete portions
  • Written expressions (Written Expression): This section consists of 25 questions, and choose the examiner is correct portions of complete sentences

Reading and recognizing words Section III , a Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary sense grasp of reading and words examines linguistic student strength in the field of reading and knowledge of the meanings of words. In this section, the examinee answers the 50 questions for five or six paragraphs written containing about 300 words in a maximum period of 55 minutes. Usually Questions about the content of paragraphs, meaning he meant the writer or ideas put forward, and there are also some questions about the incoming words in paragraphs

Section IV writing an article or Essay Writing Test of Written English writing any article which is to test student writing skill and strength in the use of English words. Asks the examinee in this section essay on any subject in the opinion of the writer and then as supported by specific reasons in a period of just 30 minutes


Cambridge English for Speakers of Other Languages ​​(ESOL)

It is assessed English proficiency through Cambridge ESOL exams to enter universities and other courses. This is a recognized test and widely used by universities, employers and national education authorities in various parts of the world


Occupational English Test (OET)

It is assessed English proficiency through OET examinations for medical and health professions eligible for direct overseas who are interested in professional examinations or programs, so as to obtain professional recognition and practice in Australia


GMAT3- Graduate Management Admission Test

Is an English test is supported purely administrative terms ..So be English ability significantly + familiarity with administrative terminology

Exam is divided into three sections

  • Analytical writing
  • Quantitative Section
  • Verbal Section

Analytical writing

Writing two articles for every one of those 30 minutes, grades 0 to 6 discusses the article numbers or student analyzes the case. Each article will be read twice and one of them by the computer and the second by a person is taken to the rate that was a big difference must be based third person to intervene.
Correction method: look at what I wrote overview and also focuses on the rules and spelling

Quantitative section and a verbal section

Both contain initially on a limited number of questions about the level graded between 500 and works the following way when the person answers the question be following question harder When it does not answer the question will be easier and so on.
Both sections contain experimental questions and the kind of questions will not be calculated within the class is only placed to be see whether this question is good to be added in the coming exams or not (by the way this kind of questions found in most of the exam, especially in the TOEFL but unfortunately we do not know what is so we are forced to answer all the questions)

Quantitative Section

After you answer the questions in the progressive difficulty. This section consists of 37 questions and choices you must answer it in 75 minutes and the questions on the two types

  • Solve the problem
  • data sufficiency or adequacy of the data means

Verbal Section

After answering the questions in the progressive difficulty begins with questions pertaining to the department, a 41-verbal question choices and you must answer in the time of 75 minutes and on the types of questions

  • Correct sentences
  • Critical thinking
  • Understanding or ability to understand the material that has read
  • One last point I mentioned in the article is that the greater the degree of 800 and at the present time is often required score of 540 and examination fee of $ 250


General GRE exam

GRE exam measures the General Test ..Skills that have evolved over a long period of time and does not have to be related to any particular field of study.The exam consists of analytical writing section of the quantitative and the actual section. And available for public examination given on the computer in the licensed examination centers throughout the year all over the world.The written exam given year in October and March in the areas where the exam standpoint of computer around the world is not available

GRE exam objective measure objective examinations over the achievement in eight specific fields of study and is expected to be of the applicants may have won a baccalaureate degree in those subjects or extensive knowledge in them. The exams are given in November and December and April in the written exam centers High worldwide

Note how the GRE exam , you can download Gear GRE exam Bulletin Bulletin for the year 2006 full (including registration forms) from the Internet site GRE General Test You can also register for the exam year Gear directly on the Internet and on the phone, fax or email. For additional details on registration and exam locations see the site GRE General Test and you have to take into account the deadlines for admission and register early to get a preferred dates of exams and examinations avoid congested periods which lasts from November to January. And you can register substantive examinations online or by mail.
Students who have registered for the exam the premise of computer CD Roe m Free CD ROM containing GRE POWERPREP program will receive. Students who have registered for the general written exam or the written exam objective, they will receive a free book of exercises as well. And Ran download free preparation materials on the Internet site: WWW.ETS.ORG/PRACMAT also available Date of search services culprit GRE Search Services on the Internet and help these services SUITABILITY and put possessors students to baccalaureate in participating universities donor Master and find this information on the test site GRE Web Site.
To get a quick idea of ​​your ability clerical and practice the analytical writing exam Gear General section go to the Internet and answered the real questions for the exam Gear for writing analytical and get on the mark immediately, as well as instructions and suggestions on how to improve writing skills (US $ 10 fee to submit two essays).
Services diagnostic GRE exam briefed on http // Answer a serial of overlapping questions in 10 different fields of Almnharrat in Section verbal and quantitative section of lime year exam and you’ll get a first-hand assessment on your answers and include information on the questions that you answer them in right or wrong and appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses you have in those skills. ( 15 US dollars fee).
The exercise to provide general GRE exam (Practicing to take the GRE General Test) X version. Check out the site: there, there are many books that help in preparing for this test and are available at major bookstores.


Test (SAT) (Scholastic Assessment Test)

Which is of the most famous entrance exams to universities in the United States of America and English-speaking, and includes a test that takes three hours and forty-five minutes in three parts, the verbal part, and another athlete, and a third for writing: It consists of two parts, the questions part of the multiple-choice, and part free writing.
And it oversees this test ETS (Educational Testing Service) (ETS) with the Federation of American colleges (College board), as this institution oversees many other academic tests.
For more details, see:


Test (SAT) SAT subject Tests

It is an objective test is designed to measure the knowledge and skills in certain subjects. Students take this test usually to clarify the extent of mastery of certain cognitive areas such as English and history and math, and science for universities that want to have progress. The spin tests questions about general concepts in secondary school curricula, but the kinds of questions vary from year to year.
Test sections and includes a number of fields of knowledge and of, English Literature, and other languages ​​such as Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Italian, and others, history and the humanities, and mathematics: the first level and the second of mathematics, science: biology, Chemistry, Physics.

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